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Echinacea ‘SunMagic’ is different in branching!

A lot of Echinacea varieties are offert on the market, but the Echinacea ‘SunMagic’ is different branching. It is a different and new genetic. 

Bull Plant Genetics presents with the Echinacea ‘SunMagic Vintage’ Series a prototype of a well branching Echinacea. Already the liner shows the quality in branching, which is a import feature for a nice and compact plant.

The advantage for the grower is pretty clear:

  • with good basal branching to container fills up realy good
  • less use of growth regulators during growing
  • a lot of branches are bringing a lot of flowers
  • compact plants are easy to handle
    • in the packing process
    • for loading on carts
    • transport cost are kept down due to more cart loading

A Echinacea is able to fill up 8″ pots with just one plant. Because of the good branching planters and bowles beautiful with a wonderfull proportion between plant and container.

Since the  ‘SunMagic Vintage Series has a not centered terminal flower stem, no pinching or cutting of the terminal flower is needed. This means:

  • careless plant
  • less work
  • lower costs in production

The Echinacea ‘SunMagic Vintage’ series is a overall attractive Echinacea with perfect outdoor performance. Economically, easy in production and wonderfull performing in the consumer garden.

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