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About me

As you might see in the below notes, from the education point of view I am a grower, just like most of you. After 10 years of experience in the young plant industry, I am involved in sales of young plants as a indiependent agent / salesman since 1996.

  • Trained grower in a traditional german 3 year trainee-program
  • Trained florist in a traditional german 3 year trainee-program
  • Grower master degree at the Staatsschule für Gartenbau Universität Hohenheim
  • Salesmanager training at the DVS-Deutsche Verkaufsleiter-Schule Munich
  • Foreign experience in Italy and the United States
  • National and international contacts
  • Languages: german, english, italian, dutch – and local “low-german-dialect”
  • Independently working as a agent / salesman for several young plant producers since 1996
  • Owner and manager of Sven Magnussen Handelsvertretung GmbH, Elmshorn
  • Sven Magnussen is married, they have two kids
  • His wife Regina is a grower, a florist and has a Grower master degree as well
  • Sven Magnussen is involved and activ in the lutheran Church „Zum Guten Hirten (Good shepherd)“ in Elmshorn.

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