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‘Bella’ Mandevilla en España

‘Bella’ Mandevilla in Spain – ‘Bella’ Mandevilla in Spagna

Impressing  quality of Mandevilla ‘Bella’ we could see in Spains Almeria area in week 12. Grower’s are ready to ship to their markets in northern Europe.

The extremly good branching of a ‘Bella’ Mandevilla results in perfect quality. With 1ppp the ‘Bella’ varieties are producing a great 11cm pot with a nice body and a great bud-count.

A uniform product like the ‘Bella’ Mandevilla allows to use modern tools like the fork-lift systems with pot and tray forks for fast moving of plants on solid grounds and container fields.

‘Bella’ Mandevilla en España in 14cm pots

The Mandevilla ‘Bella’ we could see in Spains Almeria area, are performing also great in the 14cm with 2ppp. The good branching provides a plant with branches from the bottom on. One pinch, PGR and in February a pinch of shoots which are taking off is enough.

‘Bella’ Mandevilla en España in 14cm produced as ‘Double Arco’

Also other and bigger product forms with ‘Bella’ varieties are very attractive. The photo shows the ‘Bella Scarlet’ and the ‘Bella Deep Red’. The ‘Bella Deep Red’ is a little later in flower and has a bit darker red. Using both varieties in the same planting means continuous  product availability for the grower.

‘Bella Pink 2019’ Pyramid

The  ‘Bella Pink 2019’ with 2ppp is performing great as Pyramids. The bright shining and flourescent pink makes this variety to a real “Eye-Catcher”.

‘Bella Pink 2019’ is one of our very universal varieties in the ‘Bella’ program.

Mandevilla ‘Bella’ en España ready for shipping

This way they go  to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Poland, Skandinavia etc.

Making retailers and consumers happy!

Any questions?

Let uns know, we are happy to help you.

‘Bella’ assortment 2024/25

Sven Magnussen

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