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Preparing for Echinacea rooting

Echinacea season has started. So let us have a close look how Hartwig Bull is preparing for Echinacea rooting. Hartwig is not only head of breeding at Bull Plant Genetics, he is also growing finished product.

The following steps should be taken care off:

  • clean and desinfect you propagation area
  • choose for the right propagation tray
    • 50 to 84 are possible
    • Hartwig is using a 60 cell tray 
  • use a propagation media with 15 – 20% Perlite
  • water before transplanting
  • prepare a hole for the plug

Hartwig Bull is using TC from two different labs. One is producing in a common way in TC cups and you have to prig out the plants. More efficient is to use TC plugs out of a TC tray with 81 plugs (9×9).

The 81 TC cell tray has a lot of benefits

  • good for mechanisation with the TTA transplanter
  • good for manuel hand transplanting
    • much faster
    • less losses during tranplanting
    • no root damage
    • more uniformity in growing

Special for this tray they have disigned at BPG a plug tray pusher made out of regular dowels.

See how it works!

Once the plants are lifted up it is easy to pick’em up and transplant into the tray. Also here we have a little video prepared.

After the transplanting process you cover your transplanted Echinacea with white (milky) foil. The best is using a tunnel construction. You also can use a fog system.

If the preparing for Echinacea rooting is done properly you will recieve best results. See here:

Start with a uniform liner and get a uniform crop

In case of questions, we are happy to help you growing!

More details you find here:

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