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Mandevilla ‘Bella’ rooting in Italy

The italian company ‘Sentier Piante Giovane’ made a new start of their Mandevilla program.  For 2024 Sentier is offering Kientzler’s Mandevilla ‘Bella’.

Located in Mosnigo di Moriago della Battaglia and surrounded by ‘Prosecco’ wine yards,  Sentier is doing the Mandevilla ‘Bella’ rooting in Italy.

Young plants are produced in the typical Sentier “Double Strip 104 cell tray”. The first production from sticking week 46 is ready for shipping to the customers.

Good root development in the Ellegard paperpot and not only at the outside of the pot, but also inside the Ellegard.

Sticking week 02/2024 shows after 24 days already a great performance of the tray and fertil root development in the propagation pot.

Sentier will offer rooted cuttings of Mandevilla ‘Bella’ in their usual sales area.

Due to their location in the south, they are predestined to serve customers in South-Europe.

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Mandevilla ‘Bella’ Assortment 2024

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