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Mandevilla ‘Bella’ Combinations

The Mandevilla ‘Bella’ is not just a great product for solitary plants but also great in Mandevilla ‘Bella’ Combinations.

Kientzler displayed during IPM 2024 in Essen a few nice ‘Bella’ combinations. 

Due to the good heat tolerance the Mandevilla ‘Bella’ fits perfect in Kientzler’s ‘Heat Experts’ program. In view of rising temperatures ‘Bella’ is a great item in the group of heat tolerant bedding plants.

Together with succulent plants Kientzler’s trial garden manager Marc Wiens created some very nice Mandevilla ‘Bella’ Combinations for Kientzler’s IPM booth.

Mandevilla ‘Bella’ in 12 cm pots

Even if it is not so easy to have flowering Mandevilla in Germany’s winter month January, nice pots could be displayed together with Kientzler’s ‘Heat Experts’ sukkulent combinations.

Very nice Mandevilla ‘Bella’ in 12 cm pots have been displayed also in the Spain area during the IPM 2024.

The special characteristics of the Mandevilla ‘Bella’ is the extremly good branching. A very good feature in the 12 – 14 cm pot and also for shrubbs in 19cm containers.

The wide ‘Bella’ assortment gives a lot of possibilities from

  • 12 – 14 cm pot / bedding plant style
  • 19 cm container shrubbs
  • 19 – 23 cm container Arcos, Pyramids, Trellies
  • 23 – 27 cm Hanging Baskets

Here you find the full assortment of Mandevilla ‘Bella’

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