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‘Sunbeckia’ makes the difference!

Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’ is different but why? Let us have a closer look on

  1. propagation method
  2. type of young plant
  3. overall performance

Top 1.

All Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’ are produced in a lab.  Plants from TC are having great uniformity and health. The reason for a good variety are the genetics but a TC propagated variety guarantees:

  • good growth
  • perfect branching compared to cuttings
  • high uniformity compared to open pollinated seed raised varieties
  • long term availability due to stored stock in gen bank

Top 2.

Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’ are offered in two different ways to a grower:

  • TC from a lab, distributed via a broker
  • Liners from a rooting station via a broker

Top 3.

The most important characteristic of the  a ‘Sunbeckia’ is the overall performance of this cultivar.

The huge and long lasting flowers are impressing growers and consumers equally.

Due to the strong stems and the good basal branching the body of the plant is spectacular.

Because of the long lasting flowers and the good durability of the foliage growers and retailers have a wide sales window. From bud-stage to full flowering you have about 3 weeks. It is seldom the case that a crop carries a lot open flowers. Once the terminal flower is open they are gone!

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 Sven Magnussen

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