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CSU Trial Garden 2021 announces ‘Ophelia’ to the “Best of Show”

Best of Show – Rudbeckia Sunbeckia Ophelia from Flamingo Holland/Bull

Gigantic yellow flowers glow in the sun and attracted attention from across the garden. The huge flowers create a near solid canopy of yellow color that creates enormous flower power. Foliage that is visible is very attractive and clean. Plants require no pinching and matures at a nice medium height. The long lasting flowers keep a fresh look and stay low maintenance by “burying its dead”. Performance was excellent both in ground and containers.

Flowertrials Colorado State

‘Sunbeckia Ophelia’ from Bull Plant Genetics is a compact growing Rudbeckia bred by Hartwig Bull.  Hartwig Bull’s family and team is more than happy to have such a sucsess with ‘Ophelia’.

Above that the variety ‘Sunbeckia Luna’ was one of the ‘Consumer Day’ favorites.  Dr. Klett CSU newsletter Augut 2021

Growing  Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’ can be much fun and profitable because:

  • the uniformity of the product
  • the long lasting flowers and stability
    • long sales-window for the grower
    • good shelv live 
  • the perfect outdoor performance
    • consumer satisfaction is guaranteed
  • the wonderful range of yellow and bronze colored flowers

A ‘Sunbeckia’ crop looks in general like this:

More details in growing you can find here:

‘Sunbeckia’ Grower’s Guide

See our latest video of a late planting of ‘Sunbeckia’ 

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