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Color up your fall with ‘Sunbeckia’

Rudbeckia aren’t only summercops. A Sunbeckia can color up also you fall assortment in retail and in the garden.

The ‘Sunbeckia Maya’ is doing pretty good surrounded from some typical garden shrubs and perennials.  Spirea with typical autumn foliage,  Heuchera, Buxus and Euvonymus. And a ‘Hokaido’ pumkin tells you which time of the year we’re in.  Photos were taken 11/03/21. The ‘Maya’ itself was came from Hartwig Bull’s production.  Here some crop data:

  •  wk 19 started with TC in a 40 cell tray
  • wk 24 transplanted into a 1 gal container
  • wk 32 pick at the field an brought into my garden
  • wk 32 transplanted into a 2 gal terracotta pot
  • wk 44 photo was taken after 12 weeks in the garden!

Our ‘Grower Guide’ give more details on growing the ‘Sunbeckia’

You can find also some information on a late start looking at the “Late Summer Sunbeckia”.

Also at the point of sale the ‘Sunbeckia’ varieties coloring up the benches. No matter if they are positioned in a big store or at smaller retailers. A ‘Sunbeckia’ is performing always.

In my garden these ‘Sunbeckias’ have done a great job. Not only in summer but also in fall.

A ‘Sunbeckia’ crop can be started from liners throughout the US from week 14 until week 26. The consumer, specially those who care for plants will have fun up to 15 weeks.

In case of questions, we are happy to help you on this.

Your Sven Magnussen

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