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‘Bella’ is great for combinations!

Mandevilla ‘Bella’ is not just a solitary plant. Mandevilla ‘Bella’ is great for compinations as well! ‘Bella’ mixes or combinations with other products out of Kientzler’s bedding plants and Proven Winner items.

A ‘Bella Pink Star’ loves ‘Bella Pink Jewels’ and a ‘Bella Pink Panther’ cares for them!

There is no need to stay just with one pink. Mixes with the reds or white seem to be a normal standard.

I think “tone on tone colors” are great as well and Pantone would like it – don’t you think?

A good motto as well!

But also interspecific with other species are nice with great potential on the patio. If you are active in retail it might be worth creating some pattern for different combos

The Marina Seaside Mix

Well, when Regina (my wife) planted this one, she looked mainly on the colors. Looking at it now I would say:

The blue ocean and waves  topped with whitecaps! So the ‘Marina Seaside Mix’ fits pretty good, doesn’t it? That’s what you get, when you are married with a florist!

  • ‘Bella White 2022’
  • Heliotropium ‘Midnight Sky’
  • Petunia ‘Vista Blue Moon’
  • Osteospermum ‘Summersmile White’

Also some real solitaries got some “ground cover” or underplanting.


The eye-catching product in this planter is definetly the ‘Bella Grande Light Pink’. But in combination with

  • Ivy Geranium ‘Toscana Mariska’
  • Scaevola ‘Stardiva Pink Star’
  • Hypoestes ‘Hippo Rose’ 
  • Osteosperum ‘Summersmile Rosy White’

the clear pink of the ‘Bella Grande Light Pink’ gets the best counterpart for the best effect.

I will update you during this summer how of the PINK, PINK, PINK performance!

‘Bella’ is great for combinations! More of those and updates  will be send in the next coming weeks!

Further details you find also on:

Any questions?

Let uns know, we are happy to help you.

‘Bella’ assortment 2024/25

Sven Magnussen

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