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The ‘Sunbeckia’ Jewelry

The ‘Sunbeckia’ Jewelry is a spot in my garden which you have seen already a couple times before!

I think it is phenomenal how those two plants performed. They went through the winter in the same pot, transplanted in August 2023. Not covered or protected against, wind, cold and water!

I would like to call this a “perfect performance” – It is the ‘Sunbeckia’ jewelry in my garden!

‘Sunbeckia Maya’

The ‘Maya’ is one of our standards in the medium ‘Sunbeckia’ group. A very reliable variety with

  • medium-compact growth
  • 8-9 wks production time
  • 5″ diameter of the flower
  • fits perfect with
    • ‘Carolina’
    • ‘Ophelia’

‘Sunbeckia Graffiti Caramel’

The ‘Sunbeckia Graffiti Caramel’ was 2023 the first time in my garden. It is one of Bull-Plant-Genetics new introductions for 2024/25. Beside the different color the ‘Sunbeckia Graffiti Caramel’ stands for:

  • very attractive color
  • compact growth
  • fits very good with
    • Emma
    • Marylin
    • Mia
  • enourmous bud-count

The ‘Sunbeckia Graffiti’ series

The ‘Sunbeckia Graffiti’ is Bull-Plant-Genetics new line with four thrilling new colors in the ‘Sunbeckia’.

Spectacular new colors and a well branching habbit are the features of this new series. Beside that we recognized the ‘Graffiti Caramel’ and the ‘Graffiti Scarlet’ hardiness in a cold winter 2023/24. So all in all good news!

See also my news from 27th of April ‘Sunbeckia’ is surprising in hardiness!

All new ‘Sunbeckia Graffiti’ will be displayed at the Cultivate’24 in Columbus, OH.

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