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Mandevilla ‘Bella’ in german retail

Right now you find Mandevilla ‘Bella’ in german retail outlets and gardencenters. Being in the peak bedding plant season a ‘Bella’ shouldn’t be missing.

When it comes to bud-count, the Mandevilla ‘Bella’ from Kientzler is a striking product with noticable difference.

Short internodes and more compactness are bringing more flower spikes on shorter plants. This is a great effect on the finished product.

I have spotted the above shown pictures of ‘Bella’ at Gärtnerei Heins located in Selsingen in the north of Gerrmany. Those plants have been produced in Spain. A production in the north would not be possible due to the low light levels.

Spain and Italy are very important for the Mandevilla supply in northern Europe.

Mandevilla ‘Bella’ in german retail

Very eye-chatching in retail is one of the pink colored varieties, the ‘Bella Pink Jewel’. Striking also on this cultivar the bud-count and the dark pink ring around the center!

I also visited the Lower Rhine area in Germany and I found some nice plants in Kerken at Gartenbau Welzel.

This familiy owned business is known for their production of pot and bedding plants and in their retail area they touch base with the consumer. 

Mandevilla ‘Bella’ characteristics

Also at Welzel’s a good example of the ‘Bella’ characteristics.

Firstly the ‘Bella Magma’ on the right side shows the enormous bud-count. Secondly the the ‘Bella Magma’ has this impressive big flower. In additon to this the ‘Bella Magma’ is compact, good to handle in retail and above all with lots of flowers for the consumer.



In conclusion, the Mandevilla ‘Bella’ from Kientzler is a perfect Mandevilla series with some nice benefits in production, in retail and garden performance for great flower-fun!

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‘Bella’ assortment 2024/25

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