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The ‘Sunbeckia’ for Cutflowers

Initiated by Ball Seed we would like to give some informations on the ‘Sunbeckia’ for Cutflowers.

Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’ is indeed a great product for bouquets and arrangements.

A great product for farmers markets,  florists and nurseries, selling their own production locally.

Here some informations about ‘Sunbeckia for Cutflowers


  • very stable and lasting flowers
    • strong petals
    • strong and sturdy stems
  • 18-21 days of vase life
  • Big flowers
    • 5,5 – 6,0″ diameter
  • Great for
    • Modern bouquets
    • Traditional bouquets
    • Flower wreaths

Beside the above mentioned features there are different ways of growing this product form.

In ground production

Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’ has a great in ground performance. The in ground trials at the CSU in Colorado have shown that the ‘Sunbeckia’ varieties are very strong blooming and a great product in beds.

This are best characteristics for cutflower production

  • production of about 40 flowers / plant
  • period of harvest 10 – 12 week


  • water in time
    • best with drip-tubes
  • feed 2 x / week
    • 20-10-20
    • 200ppm N
  • give 1-1,5 oz / yd² of a NPK starter in the ground
  • Pests and Diseases
    • watch for Aphids
    • watch for Botrytis

Penn-State Trials in Container

The trials in the Pennsylvania State University have shown great result in containers. So cutflower production in containers is a great alternative if growing in the open ground is not possible.


Provide the same conditions similar to the production in pots & containers

  • substrat with SRF
    • 0.5oz / 1gal
    • 0.15oz starter / 1gal
  • water in time
    • best with drip tubes
  • Feed with every watering
    • 20-10-20
    • 150ppm N
  • Pests and Diseases
    • watch for Aphids
    • watch for Botrytis

Best varieties for cutflower production

The best suited varieties for cutflower production are to be found in the ‘Sunbeckia’ Medium and Grande group.

‘Sunbeckia’ Medium

‘Sunbeckia’ Grande

Ideas for Bouquets and Arrangements

Below you can find some ideas how to arrange ‘Sunbeckia’ in bouquets!

Ideas for Wreaths

A wreaths can be done easyly on a OASIS ring.

Have fun with the ‘Sunbeckia’ for Cutflowers!

More information on the Bull-Plant-Genetics Sunbeckia you find on our websites:


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