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Helianthus SunCatcher 5-6″ pot – pinching

For recieving a nice an bushy Helianthus SunCatcher in a 5-6″ pot a pinch is nesessary.

Hartwig Bull is pinching his SunCather by leaving 5-6 nodes on the plant. The leafes are opposite and so we are talking of 5-6 leaf pairs.

A crop like you see below is now reddy for pinching. This can be done by or also with a trimming maschine. Hartwig Bull is using the ‘Eazy Cut’ from Lanz.

Removing the leafs from the main stem you see already the sprouting shoots of the plant. Only 3 weeks after the pinch the plant is already looking like the plants you see below.

Our little video shows the above process a little closer.

Helianthus SunCatcher is a nice crop in summer. Right after bedding plants and just before the mums are coming.

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In case of questions, we are happy to help.

Sven Magnussen

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