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Visiting Schoneveld and Bull-Plant-Genetics

Hartwig Bull and myself have had the chance to visit Schoneveld Breeding in Holland.

Ton Koers and Kathy McKay given us a interssting tour in the new ‘State of the Art’ breeding facility.

from left: Hartwig Bull, Kathy McKay, Ton Koers, Sven Magnussen

Realy impressive the technique, cleaness and structure of the building. What else would you expect from a first class breeder in Cyclamen and others!

Thanks to Kathy and Ton!

Checking out Bull-Plant-Genetics in the North of Germany

Being in the Netherlands a trip in to the north of Germany is not a big deal.

Kathy McKay known for her engagement with Schoneveld and promoting products for Flamingo Holland Inc. took the opportunity to visit Hartwig Bull.

Promoting products is best when you throw an eye on the product at the breeders place.

Also some ‘Sunbeckia’ could be inspected.

Unfortunately Kathy had no chance to see the ‘Sunbeckia’ finished except the ones shown at Cultivate ’21 in Columbus.

Good visit with fruitful discussions at the base all around the product!

Any questions? Please contact us!

Sven Magnussen

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