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Talking about ‘Sunbeckia’ in Australia

During 2023 AUSTRALIAN HORTICULTURAL TRIALS WEEK, Kathy McKay had a lot of opportunities talking about Sunbeckia in Australia

JD Propagation is wonderful partner for Bull Plant Genetics, doing a great job displaying the BPG products. So there have been a lot  of good occasions to present the BPG products

  • Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’
  • Echinacea ‘SunMagic Vintage’ series

to visitors, growers and retailers.

Beside the Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’ which have been displayed in perfect quality, the Echinacea ‘SunMagic Vintage’ series convince due to the

  • perfect habit
  • enormous branching
  • amount of flowers
    • lot of good branching –> lot of flowers
  • beautiful flower shape with horizontal petals

Echinacea ‘SunMagic Vintage’ series is from our point of view (every breeder would say this) a “no brainer” in growing and a “must have” in your perennial program. The ‘SunMagic Vintage’ series is a “no brainer” and is a “must have” perennial.

Liners of all ‘Sunbeckia’ and ‘SunMagic’ are available in Australia through JD Propagation.

Please find here the full program on

Talking about ‘Sunbeckia’ in Australia.

For more questions about the Bull Plant Genetics products you can contact:

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    • mail:
  • Sven Magnussen
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