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New and exciting Mandevilla ‘Bella’ for 2024

Kientzler is introducing  new and exciting Mandevilla ‘Bella’ for 2024. The ‘Bella’ series is know for very good branching and less tendrills under high light conditions.  This is a great benefit for all growers trying to keep costs down and having a great well branched and full flowering product.

No matter if  grown on racks, in baskets or in small pots, for every use you will find a matching ‘Bella’ variety for your production goals.

New and exciting Mandevilla ‘Bella’ for 2024

For the next season there will be four exciting new colors available.

‘Alpine Star’

  • Very early, strong flowering, upright growing.
  • Attractive white eye which can transform to a white star under ideal light conditions.
  • Recommended for medium size racks.

‘Pink Wheel’

  • Early to medium early flowering, medium size flowers.
  • Bushy habit with dark foliage.
  • Suitable for small to medium size pots and all sizes of racks.


  • A early and countless flowering variety
  • Bright scarlet non fading flowers and dense branching.
  • is suitable for all pot and rack sizes.

‘Bella Sunrise’

  • Medium late flowering with medium size flowers and rich in flowers.
  • Within the color range a more cold tolerant variety.
  • Bushy habit with medium green foliage.
  • Good for larger pot sizes and small to medium trellies.

What’s so special on the new ‘Bella’ Mandevillas?

In the wide range of red colored varieties, the ‘Bella Alpine Star’ has a vibrant and brilliant red color. Very attractive due to the yellow-white center, turning into a “Star” under high light conditions.

The ‘Magma’ is notable for this non fading brilliant red and a perfect branching.

‘Bella Pink Wheel’ and ‘Bella Sunrise’ are both very special colors adding a special value to the ‘Bella’ Mandevilla program. Both varieties are available for trial amounts.

Any questions?

Let uns know, we are happy to help you.

Sven Magnussen

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