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Sunbeckia & SunMagic Trial Results

We run through some official trial results out of the US trial gardens with some great comments and results on Bull Plant Genetics varieties. So here some Sunbeckia & SunMagic U.S. Trial Results 2023.

Sunbeckia & SunMagic CSU Flower Trial Results 2023

After 2021 and 2022 we got  some good results back from CSU on our Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’. Find below the comments from the CSU 2023 “Best of Annuals”!

Best Rudbeckia, container – Sunbeckia® Juliana from Bull Plant Genetics

Big, clean yellow flowers with a light green eye covered the plants. The size, color and large number of blooms made this a showstopper that evaluators loved. It was also noted for its sturdy growth habit, so it resisted flopping open.


Best Rudbeckia, ground – Sunbeckia® Luna from Bull Plant Genetics

Large blooms were attractive due to their sheer size but it was also a favorite due to the interesting colors of yellow and dark red. Flowers were also noted to having a progression of color as it matured that was also very attractive and unique. Plants were very healthy, and flowering was prolific.

In 2021 the Echinacea ‘SunMagic Vintage’ series from Bull Plant Genetics was rated as superior 1st yer flowering Echinacea. Also the overwinter trial demonstrated the high perennial performance.

Superior 1st Year Flowering – Echinacea SunMagic Vintage® series from Bull Plant Genetics

The SunMagic Vintage series is known for its compact plant size and uniform growth habit. Plants filled in fast the first year while blooms were noted for having lots of petals and for holding their color a long time although it was even noted that it had attractive mottling on the flowers as it faded. SunMagic Vintage Ruby was particularly appealing with a unique fluorescent color.

Sunbeckia & SunMagic Penn-State Trial Results 2023

The Penn-State Trial Results 2023 are showing  that Hartwig Bull is going in the right direction with his breeding program. Compact and good branching varieties with long flowering period for best garden performance and customer satisfaction.

All of the ‘SunMagic Vintage’ series ranked well above average and 6 varieties out of this group earned ‘Director’s Select’ award.

A few out of the best ‘SunMagic Vintage’ entries from Bull Plant Genetics in 2023:

The Echinacea ‘SunMagic Mango’

  • Top honors
  • Best of Show
  • perfect performance
    • (ranked 5 out of 5)
  • Best of species

‘SunMagic Vintage Red’

  • Director’s Select
  • in 2022 and 2023
  • well above average with 4.88
  • right side ‘Vintage Lavender with 4.64 ranking

super red ‘SunMagic Vintage Ruby’

  • Director’s Select
  • in 2023
  • overall ranking 4.67
  • very compact variety
  • enormus flowering
  • left side ‘Vintage White with ranking 4.54

‘Sunbeckia’ – 9 out of 10 earning “Director’s Select”

The ‘Sunbeckia’ entries for 2023 have been showing great performance. 9 out of 10 varieties earned ‘Director’s Select’ honors. The overall ranking was 4.6 and higher. According to Penn-State have these varieties started to flower right after the first rating and provided constant color until the end of the season.

Some impressions from July 27th 2023

We are very happy about the Sunbeckia & SunMagic U.S. Trial Results 2023 and our thanks are going to 

  • Colorado State University
  • Pennsylvania State University

for their great job giving value to plants, to genetics and products for the horticulture industry.

Above the university trials Bull Plant Genetics had trials at several other private trial grounds such as:

  • Raker Trial Gardens in Michigan
  • Welby Garden Trials in Colorado
  • Metrolina Greenhouses in North Carolina

Metrolina Greenhouses

Raker Trial Gardens

Beautiful rows with in ground ‘Sunbeckia’. The row in front is the ‘Sunbeckia Juliana’

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