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Some News on ‘Sunbeckia’

The last couple weeks we had the chance to visit some ‘Sunbeckia’ growers and we got photos from ‘Sunbeckia’ from all over. So below some news on ‘Sunbeckia’.

Oase Plants B.V. in Helenaveen / Netherlands

Oase Plants is located in Helenaveen, neer Venlo and is known for their Dianthus crops. They are growing quite a bit of ‘Pink Kisses’ and some ‘Merci Fleuri’ as well. 

For 2023 they give the Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’ a try. All ‘Sunbeckia’ are transplanted from a 84cell tray liner into a 9″ (23cm) container. The first plantings in wk 16 have been covered with fibre, from wk 20 on they work without protection even though it was cold in the Netherlands and in Germany.

To get more body on the plant the EC will be increased up to 2.8 mS  arriving on 300 ppm nitrogen. Besides this, 2 – 3 x Dazide (B-Nine) applications on a rate of 3000 ppm will follow. Looks pretty good for the first time.

Kurt Weiss Greenhouses / New York, USA

This picture was taken July 22nd at Kurt Weiss Greenhouses in New Jork.

This crop looks great, nice volume on the plant and a good habbit. The ‘Sunbeckia Luna’ on the right side is just starting to bring up the terminal flower. Well done!

Natural Flowers – 7eren / Brenderup – Fünen in Denmark

Saturday July 24th I was visiting “7eren” owned by Sören Jensen and partners. They are located on the island of Fünen (Fyn).

It’s always a pleasure meeting them, because of the typical danish flair.

Their ‘Sunbeckia’ crops are started in wk 16 and they transplant liners until week 24. Due to weather conditions here in the north they transplant the liners in wk 16 and 18 in 4.5″ pots and after the conditions are good they transplant into the 9″ container on the field. This step is nesessary due to frost until end of May. Later transplants are going direct  in to the container on the field.

After visiting Hartwig Bulls production in October 2020, they did a first production trial in 2021. Already in 2022 they increased the numbers and increased again in 2023. The finished product remains in Denmark and goes further north into the Norway and Sweden markets.

F.N. Kempen B.V. / Mijdrecht – Netherlands

F.N. Kempen in Mijdrecht was one of the Flowertrials locations in wk 24. Unquestionably a good opportunity to see also their ‘Sunbeckia’ production. Kempen is growing only ‘Sunbeckia Ophelia’ but a lot of them. They transplant in the greenhouse and move out for spacing. The liners are coming from Allpant in the 104 cell tray.

Since it has not been the first year, F.N. Kempen has already good ‘Sunbeckia’ growing routine.

Gärtnerei Aeschlimann / Groß-Grönau near Lübeck – Germany

The Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’ is not only created for bigger production facilities. Also retailer with own production are doing fine with ‘Sunbeckia’. A good example of this is ‘Gärtnerei Aeschlimann’ in the Lübeck area which is in the north of Germany. 

‘Sunbeckias’ are grown amoung a wide range of annuals and perennials which works fine.

Some News on ‘Sunbeckia’ conclusion

Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’ is a great summer and fall item and offers the industry a high value product in the second half of the year. Give ‘Sunbeckia’ a chance in your production.

Please find the full Bull Plant Genetics program on the new BPG website:


Sven Magnussen

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