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Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ are out the ground

The Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ are out the ground now. This Helianthus cultivar is a super, super hardy Helianthus and should not be missing in any garden.

This above shown Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ was planted June 2022 in a sandy ground, covered with Plantex Gold Rootbarier Vlies, with a 3″ toppping of 1-2″ grained pine bark. The ‘SunCatcher’ came reliable out the ground and will do this season a great job.

In the ground, but also in pots and planters is the Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ a hardy item. We assign the ‘SunCatcher’ to zone 4-5. This makes the ‘Suncatcher’ good to use in all kind of landscaping and for decoration purposes all over!

PennState Flower Trials 2022

Also the PennState Flower Trials 2022 came up with some good results. The Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ is a good bloomer and a good performer.

Detailed results you can find under:

Being hardy, it is a super added value to this cultivar and should be taken into consideration when it comes to planing 2023/24.

Presentation in Retail

Special in late summer and fall the Helianthus gives a lot of good opportunities for emotional presentations. The ‘SunCatcher’ is also a Bee-friendly product. This attracts bees and consumers equally.

Production of Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’

Many roads lead to Rome, many way to produce a Helianthus ‘SunCather’. You can grow the ‘SunCatcher’

  • indoor
    • use your greenhouse space in summer
    • simplify watering with ebb&flow
  • outdoor
    • full sun is possible
  • different containers and pots
    • 6-7″ pots (best indoor)
    • 8-10″ containers

More details to the Helianthus

More details on you find under:

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  2. Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ Grower’s Guide
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