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Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ meets all requirements

The Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ meets all requirements of a modern perennial.

Looking at the ‘SunCatcher’ from the consumer point of view

The Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ is: 

  • hardy in Zone 5
  • a long-living perennial (stays for years in the garden)
  • a perfect pollinator attracting
    • different species of Bees
    • Bumble Bees
    • Butterflys
  • flowering from mid July until October

Above that, the ‘SunCatcer’ has a low susceptibility to Powdery Mildew, which is in certain areas a major concern. This plant is doing a great job in the garden.

After the winter, the hardy ‘SunCatcher’ is starting to come out the ground with a lot of power.

Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ from the grower point of view

From the grower point of view the Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ is a very attractive crop. From a RC / Liner, the ‘SunCatcher’ can be produced in 

  • 6″ pot (1ppp)
    • with pinch –> 10-11 weeks
    • without pinch –> 9 – 10 weeks
  • 8″ or 1 gal container (2 ppp)
    • with a pinch or without a pinch 

In a 10″ or 2gal container 3 ppp are recomended. With a pinch a well branched and round shaped plant is finished in 10 weeks from transplanting the liner.

Beside growing a flowering finished crop, the ‘SunCatcher’ is a perfect product for mail-order companies.

  • perfect shipping performance
  • perfect growth result in the garden
  • garanteed flowering success in the first year, when planted in spring until end of July

Hartwig Bull is producing for mail-order customers in about 5 weeks from transplanting the liner until shipping.

More Details to the Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ you find here:

The Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ meets all requirements of a modern perennial.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Unrooted cuttings are available through the Kientzler North America network.

Sven Magnussen

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