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Reviewing 2021

Thanks to all our partners and friends!

Well, I did not make it in time for a ‘Merry Christmas’ mail,  but for a review on 2021 I am fine!

Looking at the last days of the year, Hartwig Bull the is not working in his breeding area, he is bringing his Oxalis to the market.

Hartwig is growing about 500K of Oxalis deppei mostly ‘Iron Heart’ in different pot sizes and in plastic and clay pots. This fills up the growing area before he starts with beding plants. A alternative wood be Poinsettias. Since Poinsettia sales have turned out to be like “star wars”, just a big battle, he is focussing on Oxalis. 

Quiet a few shimney sweepers are looking for a new homes.

Looking at the 2021 Bull-Plant-Genetic (BPG) had a very good year.  Some keypoints are:

  • Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’ has been grown sucsessfull in the US.
  • On top of that’Sunbeckia’ have been sold to the consumer which is the most important point for all of us.
  • the Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckias’ impressed consumers at the Colorado State University.
  • Echinacea ‘SunMagic Red’ has been proven to be a perfect Echinacea variety for beds and containers.
  • The whole Echinacea ‘SunMagic’ Series impressed at the CSU as well.
  • Helianthus ‘SunCather’ performed good in the PennState perennial trial.

We could establish buisiness  on various markets

  • US market
  • Europe
    • Belgium
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Poland
      • the first country beside Germany where ‘Sunbeckias’ have been propagated
    • United Kingdom
  • Australia

Coming to the end, Hartwig Bull and his family and his team from BPG would like to thank all the pepole supporting us in the past year and being so enthusiastic about the products from Bull-Plant-Genetic. Above buisiness we are more than happy with friendship all over.

I personally would like to wish you a GOD blessed new year 2022, with peace and health to your families and your teams working at your sites.

Have a Happy New Year!

Your Sven Magnussen

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