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Welcome Australia, Welcome JD Propagation

We are happy to anounce that with help from our friend Kathy McKay, we found a good partner for the Bull-Plant-Gentic products in Australia.

JD Propagation will be part of the BPG family. Jenny and Dan Patience started their own company in 2009. Here you find more information about JD Propagation.

 After a first meeting we could arange shipments from stage 2 and stage 3 material. This allowed JD Propagation to bring material into a lab and to produce some liners.

The liners have been rooted and transplanted in their trial area for presenting the plants to the industry during the Australian Horticultural Trial Week 2021 from 07th to 10th December (imagine, they have summer in winter).

  • outdoor grown plants
  • under Australian sun
  • 1 plant per pot
  • 5 weeks for rooting
  • 9 weeks for growing

Here you find more details on growing

As you see the plants have been doing very good. Good genetics, good growers. Look at the ‘Sunbeckia Luna’ how nicely this plant is build up.

Thanks to Jenny and Dan and the whole team putting so much effort in growing the trials. We wish you a sucsessful start establishing BPG products on the Australian market.

Your Sven Magnussen

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