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Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ Start 2021

The 1st set of production is now in propagation.

Hartwig Bull, breeder of Helianthus ‘SunCatcher’ brought the first set of URC for rooting in to the propagtion.

URC are picked from own stock. Growers in the US would buy it from Kientzler North America –  the Innovaplant Farm in Costa Rica via their brokers.

The propagation area is equipped with 6,5 ft wide ebb & flow benches, covered with polytunnels to keep RH high enough. Due to the winter season some HPS lights are used. The media is a 1″ Jiffy in a 104 cell tray.

How you can achieve a nice 1 gal container or maybe a XXL 3 gal container from a URC cutting you can find out here.

Growing Helianthus SunCatcher in a 1 gal container

The product would look like this:

How growing works in a 6″ pot for instance for mail order or perennial assortment in smaller pot will be shown in this following video.

Growing Helianthus ‘SunCatcher in a 6″ pot

If you have any question regarding growing or availability please let us know we are happy to help you. 

Sven Magnussen

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