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The Bull Sunbeckia Mix 2023

Well, having so many varieties, it is difficult to choose the right ones. For his own production Hartwig Bull offers a look into “The Bull Sunbeckia Mix 2023”.

The question is: “Why using so many varieties?”

First at all a breeder likes all his babies and there is a need for all of them. ‘Sophia’ and ‘Sophia Yellow’ for instance are varieties with a strong growth. They do realy good in the first plantings. Hartwig is starting in week 18 direct on the field. We are facing in this period temperature around 35°F and sometime it goes in the morning even below 32°F. The ‘Sophia’ sisters are doing fine with those conditions and they flower early.

The majority of all colors needed in Germany is yellow. In the early production until mid of August we need a good portion of the bicolored varieties.

Bicolored Varieties

The double and semi-double flowering varieties  captivate due to the “different” look. They are making the program attractive due to the flowershape.

Double and Semi-Double

The basis of the production is a setting out of ‘Ophelia’, ‘Paulina’ and ‘Maya’, ‘Victoria’ and ‘Carolina’. 

Main Group in Yellow

However, a ‘Juliana’ is scheduled for the whole season. This variety is striking due to the enormous flowersize.

If you need any help to find your right variety mix, just let us know. We are happy to help you finding the right varieties.

In addition you can find more informations at our website under Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’

All products are available through the Express Seed Company

Liners are available through brokers in the US and Canada from the following rooting stations:

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