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The ‘Sunbeckia Maya’ made it through the winter!

I am more than proud of my Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia Maya’ who made it throw the winter. We had a plant from Hartwig Bull’s production, which was in our garden flowering from last week in July till mid October.

The above picture was from 01st October and shows a pretty nice flowering plant. The total flowering time was about 12 weeks. This is a amazing and will satisfy every consumer.

More than exciting to see was, that this ‘Sunbeckia Maya’ made it through the winter!

There was no change of the planter or substrate. In the begining we have been afraid that the rootsystem will not make it. But with regular fertilizer with each watering (180ppm N) the plant was

  • well branched
  • about high
  • already in the bud-stage, short before flowering

Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia’ is truly a zone 7 plant when it comes to hardiness. Beside the enormous amount of flowers is the a bit of hardiness an extra selling point.

‘Sunbeckia Maya’ is one of the more compact types in the ‘Sunbeckia’ program. Below you see a picture out of Hartwig Bulls week 24 planting from last year.

Here you find the full assortment of Rudbeckia from Bull Plant Genetics.

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