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Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia Combos’

What do you think about Rudbeckia ‘Sunbeckia Combos’? Hartwig Bull has done some nice trials this summer and the results have been great!

In other words, the plants look fabulous, with a perfect habbit, round shaped and the flowers are all on the same level.


  • week 23
    • the rooted liners have been  planted into a 2 gal container
    • this  is equivalent to a 10″ container
  • week 31
    • the plants are ready for marketing
    • croptime –> 8 weeks

If your cutomer likes even bigger products,  2,5 gal container would do good as well. Three plants fill up the container without any problem.

  • bigger container means more substrate
  • more substrate means more nutrients
  • more substrate means at the same time more water available

With other words the more you offer, the more you get –> bigger ‘Sunbeckia Combos’!

Here some possible mixes:

The product below is a 11″ container with ‘Sunbeckia Paulina’ 3ppp and it is after all a ‘eye-catcher’ in every retail!

Here are some details on growing and the full variety list:

Tissue culture material of ‘Sunbeckia’ and liners can be purchased via Express Seed Company

Liners of ‘Sunbeckia’ are availabile through any Broker your are working with in the US and Canada. Our rooting stations are:

For more information reach out for

  • Kathy McKay – Mail:
  • Sven Magnussen – Mail:


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